Throwback to Charleston trip 


I had this post saved for some time now, like a year. hahaha (picture the emoji with the rain drop on the side of its head) My best friend and I drove to Charleston, South Carolina and on the way we stopped by the Carolina Tiger Rescue in North Carolina. I’ve been there before and it is always great to see the big cats living a safe and loved life, away from cramped homes and improper care. Shout out to the ladies and gentlemen taking care of and rescuing them! 🙂 We continued our drive to Charleston and went straight to the Springhill suites hotel to drop off our things before going back to the city to eat.


We had the best pulled pork of our entire lives at Poogan’s Smokehouse. My friend convinced me to try the bacon roasted brussels sprouts, and they were delicious! The last time I ate them was in eight grade, it left a bad taste in my mouth that I stayed away from them till that day. Poogan’s showed me a different tastier side of it. We were so hungry that we didn’t take pictures of our food. Sorry friends. After that amazing dinner we were so stuffed that we went for a late night stroll on Market St. and then walked to a pier on the harbor. Pokemon was still new so naturally we caught some Pokemon and fought a gym or two. Kids at heart haha

IMG_1679.JPGThe next morning we didn’t have a plan so we just went with the flow. We had a nice hearty breakfast in the hotel before packing up everything in the car and heading into the city for a fun filled day before the drive back home. Parking was a little hard to find, but after driving around for a few minutes we found a good spot in the shade. Woot woot!

It turned out to be a pretty hot day. Luckily, we found this great little bakery called the Bakehouse Bakery Cafe. We bought this refreshen strawberry frozen smoothie and the cutest pineapple sugar cookie. (sunglasses are Ray Ban Clubmaster) Here are a few pictures of our awesome day in the beautiful city of Charleston. Enjoy!


Absolutely loved the iron work on these terraces.
Palm Trees!
Rainbow Row! It truly is a great sight to look at. 
Baby Sharks at the Aquarium. Got a chance to pet them and they were so adorable. Made my day! 

Thank you for reading! 🙂 Let me know if you’d like to see more travel posts or other content in the comments.



Beach adventures

IMG_1404Last Sunday my brothers and I went to Assateague Island for the day. We drove on the beach! So, naturally I took a lot of pictures. It’s great when you get to be the passenger on the road trip because you have the opportunity to see some great things and sometimes your eyes catch it faster than the camera.

This first picture is of one of the bridges we crossed. I was going to get a picture of the other bridge structure but we drove under ours much faster than I expected. I am okay with this shot though. I can see the structure of our bridge and what the rest looks like on the other side. Driving there seemed like it would take forever and when we finally got there it was a relief, relaxation was around the corner. We had many other cars in front of waiting to get on the beach. IMG_1433We waited about fifteen to twenty minutes till it was our turn. In the mean time we let air out of the tires to actually drive on the beach. I was so excited to drive on the sand. Sadly I didn’t get to but it was fine because I took pictures for everybody. We looked for a spot that my brother likes but it was blocked off to protect animals that were making it their home for the summer. So, we just looked for a spot close enough. The sun was shining and there was a fresh breeze to keep us cool. The ocean was cold but that didn’t matter because the sand felt like it was burning our toes.

Only one of us went into the water and it wasn’t me. I’ve always been scared the ocean will take me away when I least expect it. If I were a mermaid I’d be there in a heartbeat but since I am not and swimming isn’t my forte I play it safe and go a few feet into the  water and out. The only downside about out trip were the biting flies. They were nasty little guys and the worst part is that the bug spray we brought wasn’t strong enough to keep them away. Next time we will be more prepared for the little suckers.

IMG_1421The last two pictures speak for themselves. The obligatory photo of legs overlooking the water- check, and one of the ocean- check. Overall we had a great day and I can’t wait to go back before summer is over. Oh and we saw wild horses there too! If I find a picture of them in one of our phones I’ll add it to this post. Till next time 🙂



Summer Plans

So,  a few weeks ago summer vacation started and I went to one of my favorite cities, Charlottesville, Va. Some of you might already know that from a previous post. I went for the day to visit some friends and had an absolute blast! I took a barre fitness class at a friends’ studio and like always I had a great workout. I just can’t wait for summer adventures to begin! 🙂 Here are a few pictures of my Charlottesville trip…


Apparently I prefer to take of nature over people and when I remember to take a picture its too late or the lighting is just all wrong. >_< Next time I’ll just take pictures regardless of the light and with any luck some will look great with minimal to no editing. #bloggerproblems right?

Out of the two I love, love, love the railroad picture. It reminded me that life is a journey, and bumps/kinks in the road are inevitable and are there to make you stronger. Any way that is that. Till next time friends!

Happy Fourth of July!!

What a great day to celebrate our country! Not so much in the east coast with all the clouds blocking the sun and some thunderstorms coming our way, but we have umbrellas and grilling will happen! Hope everyone has a great Fourth of July!! 🙂

Picture found on Pinterest

P.S. Recent adventures post coming up soon. 🙂



IMG_1163I bought this from one of my Le Tote boxes and am very happy that I did. It’s a lightweight long sweater with a hood that has a an aztec-y print on the bottom and the ends of the sleeves. Super comfy!

A wise woman once told me…

IMG_1160The oldest wisest person I know is my grandmother from my mother’s side. She is an amazing woman who has gone through a lot in life. She is one of the strongest women I know apart from my mom. My grandma became a single mother, with two kiddies, and didn’t get married again. She worked a lot in her life; in the USA and back home. She didn’t have the opportunity to go to college but she is an avid reader. In my book she has a degree in philosophy, literature, politics and much more. She taught us all a lot over the years but something that stuck with me is that education is the one thing that no one   can take from you.